Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art

Minimum of 49 semester course credits

ARTS 180BST: Texting or How to Write about Contemporary Art 22
ARTS 201Concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Electronic Arts, Video 14-5
ARTS 287Topics in Contemporary Art3
ARTS 288Contemporary Art and Critical Thinking4
ARTS 291Graduate Seminar 23
ARTS 293Degree Exhibition and Artist Statement 31
Select four courses from the following list, or other courses in consultation with faculty advisor:16
Photography: Seeing + Knowing
Photography: Pictures, Things + Meanings
Photographic Structures
Darkroom Photography: Making + Engaging
Digital Photography: Material + Process
The Artist Using Photography
Advanced Drawing
Advanced Painting
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Sculpture
Concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture/Intermedia 4
Electronic Arts
Advanced Electronic Arts
Video I
Video II
Or one upper-division course in art history or in another academic subject in consultation with faculty advisor.