Academic Advising

The advisor is the student's principal connection to the academic programs of the College and is the first person to whom the student should turn for advice on academic questions. The primary responsibility of the advisor is to offer appropriate suggestions for a sound and balanced academic program and to guide the student toward meeting the degree requirements. The advisor should also assist the student in defining educational goals; provide direction, criticism, and praise as needed to help the student achieve those goals; and help the student see the relationship between educational goals and longer-range personal and career goals.

Upon enrolling, a student is assigned a departmental advisor. The advisor will help plan the student's program, choose courses, and offer support and suggestions in career goal decisions.

Each student shares in the responsibility for ensuring that their academic needs are met. To this end, students are expected to read the College catalog, keep track of their own academic program, and be well prepared with relevant notes, plans, or questions when seeking the help of their advisor.

Student Records on the Web

The Mills Resource Portal, accessed from the Mills website, provides a link to myMILLS where students can register, and access their general student information, schedule of classes, academic transcript, transfer credit report, grades, student account, financial aid information, and graduation status. Students can also update their mailing and email addresses and other personal information through myMILLS.