Government (GOVT)

GOVT 142: African Politics (4 Credits)

Introduces students to the study of contemporary politics in sub-Saharan Africa and provides background on African political history. Focuses on governance, development, and conflict on the continent.

Meets the following Core requirements: International Perspectives

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GOVT 150: Political Representation (3-4 Credits)

This course examines political representation in America. Topics include what it means to represent; the different means of representation; to what degree the elected behave consistently with constituents' preferences; and the accountability of elected officials.

Meets the following Core requirements: Race, Gender & Power

Meets the following Gen Ed requirements: Human Institutions and Behavior

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GOVT 152: American Constitutional Law: Fundamental Freedoms (3-4 Credits)

This courses provides a study of the legal and political context in the U.S. of freedom of expression, the press, and religion; separation of church and state; equal rights for women and minorities; voting rights; and citizenship. Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding doctrinal understandings of fundamental freedoms and how understandings have changed over time.

Meets the following Core requirements: Critical Analysis

Meets the following Gen Ed requirements: Historical Perspectives

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GOVT 187: Comparative Politics of Social Policy (1-3 Credits)

This course examines the politics behind social welfare policies like national health insurance, financial assistance, and family support programs. It compares the US to countries from around the world, examining several questions. Why does social policy vary across countries? What goals do social policies serve and who benefits or does not? What political processes determine these goals and beneficiaries? When and why are social policies reformed? Can governments under fiscal stress continue to provide supportive social policies?