College Seminar (COLL)

COLL 005: Information Literacy-Information Technology Skills (0 Credits)

Exploration of aspects of information technology as they relate to liberal arts education. Students develop an understanding of the basic operations of computers and computer networks; an ability to search databases and the Internet as sources for reliable information; skill in evaluating resources; and an appreciation of ethical and legal issues related to the use of these technologies.

Note(s): Required of all entering undergraduate students during their first year; open to graduate students.

Meets the following Gen Ed requirements: Information Literacy/Information Technology Skills

Pass/No Pass Only

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COLL 042: Theory and Practice for Peer-Guided Learning (2 Credits)

This course is designed to provide Mills peer tutors and mentors with the theoretical background and practical strategies for encouraging and building independent learning in others. Faculty-nominated students will tutor through the Office of Learning, Advising, and Balance for at least 3 hours per week well as attend weekly lecture and/or group reflections. This course fulfills the Community Engaged Learning (CEL) requirement, and as such, each student will create a reflective ePortfolio on the peer-guided learning experience.

Note(s): Students nominated by faculty as peer tutors or mentors.

Meets the following Core requirements: Community Engagement

Instructor Consent Required: Y

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COLL 080: First Year Seminar (3 Credits)

The First Year Seminar emphasizes the value of embracing a broad diversity of perspectives, critically analyzing power relations in both global and local contexts, and understanding knowledge as intimately connected to meaningful social change. Students will engage in conversation about their creative, intellectual, and artistic visions, nurture and support one another’s ideas and gain confidence to make bold and imaginative contributions to their field. Students will work closely with staff and faculty to develop skills in critical analysis, research, leadership and community building.

Note(s): Only open to entering first year students

Meets the following Core requirements: Critical Analysis

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COLL 180A: ST: TechMakers (3 Credits)

An overview of digital creation across disciplines. Students will gain opportunities to produce digital art, infographics, aps, and a variety of websites. We will discuss the ways that digital creation should be open to all and can be a tool for political change.

Meets the following Core requirements: Create, Innovate & Experiment

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